In Due Season

Humped, hulking back,
Greatcoat flying,
Silhouette, black...
The Dark's trying,
A fief to win
Wherever light
Lets shadows spin
Doubt's webs, despite
Its feeble lamp
Flickering low,
Dying to stamp
Out night and show,
In wan surprise,
The dawn's sunrise.

His world, the gloom
That seeks the night,
A darkened room,
The unlit light,
By man or beast
Who'd dare demean
His torment's yeast...
With tortured gait
He scurried fast
The hour grown late,
A night's repast,
His palate calls
To cardboard halls.

Ashen face etched
By what despair
Cynically fetched,
But none to care
Of future, past
Or present...pain
Enough to last
Three lives...his brain
Turned off, unheard
By Hope's deaf ear;
Her kindly word,
Never a year,
Sustained relief
From wretched grief.

Time made a vow,
The die be cast
To disallow
His flag, full mast...
Left bemoaning
His own demise,
Dread atoning
What to his eyes,
Attached no blame.
Once more, if done
Would be the same...
Rehearsed, she'd run...
Re-cursed, he'd cry
In vain to die.

Love's derelict...
Deep ingrained dirt
Does not depict
The depth of hurt,
From deadly wounds,
That do not heal.
Those faded blooms,
Heart pressed, reveal
To none save he,
Once, someone cared
To dare bravery
For him, soul bared,
Swearing above,
Eternal love.

What cosmic hoax,
The dead, dying!
Whose cruel jokes
Insist crying
Their sole response?
Is Time so blind
That on the nonce
It hides behind
Cursed comedy--
Its soundless gape
Turned tragedy--
The senseless rape
Of life? Kind Fate,
Thy name is Hate!

An answer comes,
Our reasons run
To beat the drums,
That Time's begun
To tell us true,
Its rationale,
And Justice sue,
Or send to hell
Unfair judgement.
From us, Her speech
Seeks discernment
Lest we impeach
The Designer,
In our anger.

Creatures of night,
Hiding despair,
Will you yet fight?
What was unfair
As men reason,
Shall be made right!
In due season,
To Love's delight
The scales balance,
Pain is restrained,
Life starts your dance,
Each loss regained
Times ten, to those
Who wear faith's clothes.

--Baron Gooberacht von Hottzendog



              copyright 1999, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved