re:  eyes/ears

Who dares to speak that name
until one's own is called
by Him who sits the throne,
great, alabastrine white
seat of Justice, to claim
rulers, nations, appalled
as any man in fright,
for sins he can't atone?

Who would emit a sound
which turns that face his way?
A busy mouse more sense
than squeak the cat awake,
whose watchful eye, if found
regretting his delay,
predestined actions make
their deadly recompense.

He in silence gazes;
alone, one meets His eyes.
Justice in His right hand
and Mercy in His left,
ones memory amazes
with total recall, lies,
excuses, pleasure's deft
hold, all, sin's contraband.

"He who has ears to hear,
let him hear, if with eyes
to see, then let him see."
Shown clearly, face to face
judgement day, they who appear
see that autonomy defies
Agape's gift of grace,
which pardons and sets free.

In that day, clearly, yes!
What of today? Can man,
despite his distractions,
avoid what's hopeless then?
Yes, resubmit! Confess
faith in Him and the plan
restoring contrite men,
despite their past actions.

--Baron Gooberacht von Hottzendog



              copyright 1999, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved
              This poem appeared in Wellspring, A Journal of Christian Poetry, Sept. 1999.