Rites or Rights

Shriek to the foul fates your fury,
Shrilling to the furies their fate,
Cry out to the judge and jury,
"Infamy, remember this date!"

Clench the teeth over this horror,
Gnashing them in fervent disgust!
Rail out our national sorrow,
This ghastly denial of trust.

Who butchers for fun, the future?
Who champions the unborn in hell?
Whose conscience isn't born to nurture?
What price thereafter, to make well?

How dare we sit in stunned silence?
How dare we live while they die?
How dare we be parties to violence
And raise so pitiful a cry?

Why laws to protect the unjust,
Why are such grotesque rights bestowed?
Why is life taken after lust,
To damn the sources whence it flowed?

What right's prior to that of life,
Which one subordinate it to?
Give impulsive pleasure the knife,
The Higher law re-submit to!

Does the Giver of life require
A price for such privilege paid?
If , once, we, our pleasure, retire,
How does it our lifetime degrade?

Pleasure for joy? Reject the trade
Rarely offered in most lifetimes?
The Creator, Himself, portrayed,
To ring in open hearts, Love's chimes!

Changing the heart, changing bad law,
One soul at a time must attest;
Nations abide as people draw
On the Right to bring out their best.

--Baron Gooberacht von Hottzendog



              copyright 1998, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved