rule of restricted choice

we wander in a world where we wish to choose
uncertain there could be anything to lose,
traveling in time, transparent to the end,
ungrateful, unaware it's a gift we spend.

freedom is the word, a rage in right places,
choice, the motto lighting unthinking faces.
consequence, license are unknown, undefined
since chaos seems the crux of worlds undesigned.

do common opinions line up with the facts?
order, not chaos, foreshadows Nature's acts,
galactic timetables, atomic array...
all creation trumpets a designed display!

if design, then a Designer and His plan,
if a plan, it has purpose involving man,
purpose functioning to fixed ends, He pursues.
predestined, free choice, of these two, sages choose.

-- Baron Gooberacht von Hottzendog



              copyright 1998, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved