Snow Job

It's snowing tonight in our town despite
Not a cloud overhead to beguile;
Layered strata of flakes a feathered quilt makes
Gracing the dowdy drabness with style.

Bethlehem in snow has beauty to show
Travelers when mangers are hidden;
She blankets the worst of her sins, at first,
From wise men inquiring, unbidden.

Pastoral, piled drifts whose powdery gifts
Cover historic pollution; more
Unforgiving dirt, wretchedness and hurt,
Tomorrow the melting may restore.

Covered or cleansed, a choice that depends
If man or his Maker who's looking;
Beware acting "cool", for He is no fool,
It's final this transport we're booking.

It's snowing tonight in our lives despite
Not a thought but reminds or beguiles,
For our excuses, duty recuses
Uncovering the doubtful lifestyles.

--Baron Gooberacht von Hottzendog



              copyright 1999, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved