Best Friends

With no thought of permanence envisioned at the start,
it was totally surprising this invasion of the heart,
delightful fait accompli in which I played no part,
a joyful raison d'etre for the gifts she'd impart.

The capacity for giving, gigantic to behold,
at once became apparent, unbelievably bold
in sensual perceptivity as she started to unfold
a sexuality the likes of which I'd never been told.

Submerged, engorged, enraptured, amazed,
suggestive of two animals in estrus, half-crazed,
from the dusk on to dawn, sated senses often dazed,
lacking sleep, without food, relentlessly unfazed.

Stale pleasures, soon passe, adventures at an end,
one day their cliched sun has no dawn it would send;
yet, the fire of feelings was not made to suspend
when love is the focus and passion her best friend.

--Don Juan de Feu



copyright 1997, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved