Lady Godessa's Ride

Determined ne'er again to that glass on a wall
Will I raise the toast of these eyes,
Godessa is to ride the journey of them all,
Au naturel; thus, with joy, passion cries!

On horseback or camel, it matters not one whit
The gallants, purporting to view all,
The transport disinterests; "Godessa", said one wit,
"On display's my duty, beyond call!"

Punishment or parade, indifferent to its name,
The lady, thus honored, was amused;
Her manly coterie, for ages longed to tame
This spirit, self-assured, not bemused.

Attention from a swain, admirer or tutor
Pervasive, persistent and foreseen,
Since early pubescence, few would try to suit her,
Elegant as royalty, this queen.

Reflective, discerning, her wisdom, unexcelled,
A match for the sages she employed;
Her discourse, excellent, at silence she rebelled,
Opinions she expressed, unalloyed.

Hedonic, yet unspoiled, perfection to the eyes
And beauty the right of the witness;
A credo she endorsed to many a surprise,
Decrying the idea's fitness.

A matter of honor, Godiva one better
A notion intended amusing,
She expressed to a prince trying to upset her,
Who announced a time of his choosing.

She, unwilling to lose face to a man lesser
In wisdom, bonhomie or in wit,
Accepted with fervor and asked the hair dresser
For her hair, a red dye to permit.

Her beauty unhidden, such glory to behold,
To the mind, marvelous to dwell on;
Royalty is more than the garment she'd unfold,
Her bearing, itself, casts the spell on.

Every eye to see let the knee, in reverence, bow,
Proud beauty unadorned was at hand;
Obeisance, before her, this vision will allow
The humbled, to take pride in her stand.

--Don Juan de Feu



copyright 1998, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved