Ode to the Ancients

Thank you for the joy you bring
An ancient soul afraid to sing
The lyrics of another time,
Whose heights he would't dare to climb,
For fear too old was he to fall,
To fly, free-flight, at love's sweet call.

Too many dark times along the way,
Allowing fears to have their say,
We come to look back on that time,
As a waste of dreams, unthinking crime
On needed memories...every day make
Deposits at interest, til time forsake.

Never impute to the spirit made strong,
Weakness the body collects while along
Its journey. Hard-times, good-times, alike,
It wears and tears, fate sends a strike
Shouting loudly, how limited our time,
To enjoy the music, its lyrics make rhyme.

"Hear well lovers, all young at heart,
What the spirit to you would impart.
Til dawns the day the body's at rest,
Reach out to love! Embrace each test
Of passion, with insight, endurance and wit,
No thought to age, wholeheartedly commit!"

--Don Juan de Feu



copyright 1997, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved