Ode to the Jockey

A taut smile on her face, the jockey will embrace
The reins of the stallion skilled hands will be guiding,
When romping well known tracks, head and heart keeping pace,
Spurring animals of passion she love's riding.

In rhythm with the gallop, (its jarring rise and fall
Carrying them both to a finish out of sight),
Primal sensations seem aware, it's the right call
To be true to passion...giving all of her might.

Easy down the back stretch, focus on what's to come;
Mind how others do it, put a smile on the face,
Quench the yen for faster, feel the pace in rhythm drum,
Go for the finish line, this is the time and place!

Down the home stretch the race climax starts its building,
Each muscle starts straining, assisting to that end;
Pounding hard, driving strong, wildly the whip wielding,
Explode past...grand moments only riders can spend!

--Don Juan de Feu



copyright 1997, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved