Queen of Olay

The sight of her enthralled me as it had at the start,
When, so many years ago, the racing of my heart
Announced to the senses, the queen of their domain
Had made a glad entrance and would always remain.

That vision of loveliness perceived by the mind,
Laying siege to an empire, left nothing behind
Of interest to any whose eyes chanced its way;
To the conqueror, the conquest swore allegiance that day.

With duties in other realms queens must take care of,
This corner of the kingdom had too tiny a share of
Her time or attention and like an untended pyre,
What once flared up brightly, lost fervor in its fire.

The heat of the embers to the furnace still the same,
With her slightest attention, they re-burst into flame!
Dormant is not dead nor does smokeless promise cold,
Priceless is passion, more than rarest pure gold!

--Don Juan de Feu



copyright 1997, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved