Ode to the Queen of Queens

Awesome, powerful, yet smaller in size,
More rare, wonderful, is woman, by far,
Siren, delightful, bonne bouche for the eyes,
Passion's sensual, incandescent star.

August pantheon, those held in esteem,
Powers, deities, who, more so than she,
Purveys excitement, insensate, extreme?
She's the heart's zenith, immortal to me!

The one and only, uniquely surreal...
Impossibility to be the first choice
Of such royalty...yet, I shall appeal
She gives heed to love's passionate voice.

Dreamers and our dreams, unbounded in heart,
May dare the unknown, sail uncharted seas
In search of true love, our all to impart
To one Queen of queens, praying that it please.

  --Don Juan de Feu



copyright 1998, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved