Rios d'Oro

What do you speak to the one you can hurt,
When the words she would hear, you can't say;
Why won't they roll, these expressions you blurt
With no thought, to help having your way?

What happened to that exuberant magic,
Once turned on, would stay on, that with joy
Filled the time, gave life instead of tragic
Play-by-play of a game's missing toy?

How did we get here, how'd we lose the way?
Can we find the pathway back, today;
What's the first step to re-trace, one that may
Make loving things so simple to say?

Tom Wolfe was wrong not to go home again!
Unbearable, gone away, never
Returning to relive the joys and pain
Of old times! From our past, don't sever!

Were people and places treated the same,
I'd go back to the time feelings flowed
Without thought uncoerced, passions aflame,
When words spoke the emotions that showed.

If "what ifs" were peanuts, we'd have them squirreled
Away, safe in a vault, to retrieve
When the time came to excel in our world,
To buy treasures for which we now grieve.

Silence, golden when words promise to hurt,
The unsaid sears less than the spoken.
Mistaken, not intending to be curt,
It's caution, a heart not be broken.

  --Don Juan de Feu



copyright 1998, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved