Salute to Life

Here's to the dreams and dreamers who own them,
Here's to the fabric from which they are made,
Here's to the loves and lovers who've sown them,
Here's to the coin with which each is paid.

Oh, to dream dreams and see them fulfilled,
Oh, to see the future in wondrous display,
Oh, to play Broadway, in its lights to be billed,
Oh, to be lover to beloved one more day!

Here's to the release from the cages built 'round us,
Here's to the freedom for the love a heart needs,
Here's to the passions, she gives to engage us,
Here's to the lifetime to act out her deeds.

Oh, to grow old with the sweetheart of childhood,
Oh, to know again that sweetest embrace,
Oh, to remember our urgency in the wild wood,
Oh, to eternize the depths, reflections retrace.

Here's to today and the fervor to fulfill it,
Here's to the memories we etch on our way,
Here's to the heart and all that can thrill it,
Here's to the love made to share every day!

--Don Juan de Feu



copyright 1997, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved