Shadrach, royalty
Of Judah, captive
In honor, fealty
To the adoptive
Nature of a King,
Tyrant to many,
Yet to the thinking,
Tsar with uncanny
Demeanor of rule...
Do you see this knee
Bent, homage a fool
Of love proffers thee,
For a lifetime's length,
With all of her strength?

Shadrach, Nazarite,
What vision captures
You, curtails the flight
That so enraptures
Peers among Persians...
The Rubaiyat's wine,
Fine food, excursions
With the concubine?
Aloof in silence,
Calmly self-assured,
In non-violence
Your remnant endured
National slavery,
With stoic bravery.

Shadrach, (Belshazzar,
Close friend and soon king,
His father, both being
Monarchs, from Egypt
To Corinthian
Temples razed and stripped
Of value and pride)
First father, then son,
The furnace supplied,
To remind the one
Moved to disobey,
Decrees of the day.

Shadrach--urged to eat
Royalty's rich food,
A sycophant's meet,
Barbarians rude
In social graces,
Hunger for power,
Displayed on faces
Awaiting their hour
The throne to ascend--
Refused what none could,
His young life to end,
Aborting the good
(This heroic deed)
From promising seed.

Shadrach, molten heat
The furnace was fired,
The king's mercy seat
Had Justice retired.
Into that torment
Your body was hurled--
Vaporized, absent
An ash for the world
To see--yet inside,
You, dancing for joy!
Thus He shall decide
What flames can destroy,
So rulers may see
Sovereign Majesty!

Shadrach, the faithful
To vows he had made
Before fire, grateful
To be spared, displayed
What had been pre-forged,
The will's tempered steel
Without fear, engorged
On purpose until
Obedience persists.
Heroes born of fire
Will, wisdom insists,
Young ladies inspire,
And if Fortune please,
This maiden, he sees.

Shadrach, conqueror,
Lord prince to my heart,
Tempest, wild uproar,
I pray thee impart
Some show of quiet,
Calming the senses,
Ceasing the riot
In being's tenses
From that day to this...
Madness or gladness,
One fingers-blown kiss
Lifting the sadness
Separation brings,
Sending love its wings.

  --Don Juan de Feu



copyright 1999, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved