Shakespeare in Rock

I dare not call its name
lest it be deemed cliche
by those allowed to frame
what passes as passe.

It's euphemistically
astute, a substitute,
which realistically
avoids the trite dispute;

the votive chalice, 'rock',
simple locum tenens,
with no contextual schlock,
exemplar's best of friends.

Rob, "How do I rock thee?
Let me count the ways",
one if by land, two, sea,
aboard the Rockboat three days!

Faith, hope and rock abide,
these three, the former passed
but rock , steadfast, will ride
out the Beach Boys' last blast,

Poets, while making rock
forever and a day
or two, cliche the clock,
obliterate passe!

--Don Juan de Feu



copyright 1999, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved