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At The Park

The pre-game unexciting,
I was watching the crowd,
The announcer's reciting
Today's line-ups aloud,
In a sing-songy fashion,
My attention turned off.
Lacking the ballgame's passion,
The mind wandered aloft
To the azure of the sky
With its fleecy-white clouds,
How it is some birds can fly
Untouched through the flag shrouds.

He towered above each man,
While strolling toward his seat,
Boredom behind, I began
To observe him. This treat
To one's vision, a unique
Reversion that day, was
So, without a need to speak
Of anything, because
Of his dress and demeanor...
Yet these clothes that he wore
Would not have been washed cleaner
If newly from the store.

His dark brown, well-used brogans,
Size twelve or maybe more,
Reminded of sage slogans
Strong foundations implore....
Plain black britches covering
Laces that made them fit,
(No chance of discovering
Hose with hidden merit)
Leather-tipped, white suspenders
Crossing a short-sleeved shirt....
Bespeaks of frugal spenders,
Not one, a baseball flirt.

As if wisely to confirm
A statement being made,
He doffed a rounded straw berm
Designed to afford shade,
As the piece de resistance,
Buyer's statement of fact,
Proclaiming, with insistence,
In purpose nothing lacked.
Shaped by a broad tan hatband
Around a tall straw crown,
It, despite others at hand,
Was a hat of renown.

He sported a brindle beard
Growing down to his chest.
In view of how he appeared,
My mind conjured this test:
"How many pounds, if tied there,
Could he lift off the ground,
In contest at the State Fair,
Where Amish lads abound?"
Perfection was this hairstyle
Just two centuries ago,
Today for a little while,
This throwback stole the show.

Broad-shouldered, sitting upright,
His mind was on the game,
Till we hit one out of sight.
The batter's distinct fame,
Infusing us all with glee,
In accord we arose.
He too, on slapping his knee,
Hands high, shouted, "She goes!"
So speaks one wonderful fact,
Inside each one's the same,
Where excited, we will act
As if we're at the game!

--Le Goobairre Extrodinarre

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copyright 1998, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved