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Beauty, Thy Name Is...

If 'beautiful'
applies to whatever excites the keenest
of pleasure to and stirs
emotion through the senses,
as in beautiful mountain scenery;

If 'lovely'
applies to a narrower range of emotional
excitation in suggesting the graceful,
delicate, or exquisite,
as in a lovely aria;

If 'handsome'
suggests aesthetic pleasure due to
proportion, symmetry, or elegance,
as in a handsome antebellum mansion;

If 'pretty'
often applies to superficial
or insubstantial attractiveness,
as in a painter of pretty landscape scenes;

If 'comely'
suggests what is cooly approved
rather than passionately,
as in the comely grace of the first lady;

If 'fair'
suggests purity, perfection,
or freshness,
as in a fair face;

Then, what word so embodies
the aggregate of these qualities,
that it gives pleasure to the senses,
uplifting mind as well as spirit?


Much more than beautiful,
for it but speaks in part,
"Woman, thou art Beauty, herself.
Beauty, I name thee, Woman!!"

--Le Goobairre Extrodinarre

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