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The Call Of The Wild

The frenetic pace of earth's hectic race,
When working, reclining or playing
Suggests sufferance of the quiet place,
Locales, unlikely to be staying.

Why all the hurry, hustle and bustle,
Where is our majority off to?
When will we burn up excessive muscle
Or decline the race like we ought to?

Chasing each other, like puppies at play,
Full ahead to catch the one leading;
When its our turn to head the hunt, part way,
Pre-programmed, we keep right on speeding.

Like fish at frenzy, or wolves in a pack
Snatching, growling, ravenous to feed,
Glutting the belly 'though seeing no lack,
It's the call of the wild that we heed!

Past time to slow down, kick back and relax,
Changing direction to be going,
Smelling the roses, absorbing fresh facts,
With a new lifestyle you'll feel like soaring!

--Le Goobairre Extrodinarre

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copyright 1998, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved