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The Champion

Down the winding path he flew
With no one giving chase,
Sure what Fate sent him to do
Had no time left to waste.

Out of sight the giant now
Out of mind his crude roar
Out of reach but knowing how
To guide him to death's door.

Amid a stream, lower down
He knelt five stones to pick,
Every edge was smooth and round
Without the slightest nick.

Each, within itself, unique,
A hailstorm to rain on,
Deadly messengers to speak
Within the man trained on.

Eons waiting for this time,
Other wars unworthy,
Pebbles, now to right a crime,
A world, topsy-turvy.

Goliath saw, running hence,
He shouted out with glee,
"Israel's mighty recompense,
I'll spank across my knee!"

"The kinder-kids come to play,
It is recess from school,
Out to watch a man today,
This wee stripling duel."

"Does Saul children to me send,
With words of surrender?
Could he no champion contend,
To fight, death his tender?"

David's mind thought of a bear,
After that a lion,
The One made him victor, fair
Champion borne to Zion.

"Mound of dung, this dirge be sung
Of Philistia's piled boast,
By this babe, its knell be rung,
Giant's head sits a post!"

Swift as light, in silent flight,
Stone struck deep a forehead,
Stripling sword, brought endless night,
A giant's eyes sleep dead.

Looking not for Fortune's fame,
Though both would rush his door,
But honor, long due the Name
Whose strength evens the score.

What lie ahead he couldn't know,
But to himself be true;
Where duty called, gladly go
As His champions do.

--Le Goobairre Extrodinarre

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copyright 1998, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved