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McGuffy Reader ABCs

Anger... never to be focused on any one,
although perceiving flagrant negatives done,
good left undone, or promises with wings...
loving that person who effects horrid things,
hating the aftermath their action brings...
search the fine line taboo to be crossed,
failing to see, one incurs unseen cost.

Beauty...never uniquely perfection of face,
Appollyon's angelic resource for disgrace,
adulation enamored by the pitfall of pride,
one third Michael's hosts drawn to his side,
his Creator, the fairest created would deride.
Deported to earth, the final judgement awaits
multitudes endorsing pride's tempting traits.

Charity..."never angered, it is never proud"
not boastful, nor adorned in envy's shroud;
it is not self-seeking, and actions aren't rude,
keeps no record of rights and wrongs; crude
delight in evil, no, ingesting the truth as food,
protecting, perseveres. Love is hope and trust,
unfailing , eons after man's reversion to dust.

ABC's...never the whole alphabet, but in part,
reminders to live and die by, a youthful heart
carefully sown remembers at an early age
duty, effort, family, glory, at center stage
home, ideas, judgement, knowledge. Each a page
in an open book, good men write a lifetime,
still, they like us, must repent of mankind's crime.

--Le Goobairre Extrodinarre

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copyright 1999, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved
This poem appeared in Wellspring: A Journal of Christian Poetry, Aug. 1999.