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An Ode about Humpty

A wound on the hand, a slash to the thigh,
Cause little concern when first meets the eye,
If there's no pain to warn us no message is sent,
Shocking, the moment, we know we've been rent!

The wounds of the flesh, more shallow than deep,
The body heals up; small tokens we keep
In the scars that remind us of what we've been through,
Lest in weakness, we forget what we knew!

All wounds aren't fleshly; some pierce to the soul!
More damage, destruction, and great the toll,
To the dear and defenseless spirit opened wide
To a trusted one, who stabs from inside.

What salve will now soothe us? What potion will heal
A heart like Humpty's, too shattered to feel,
Its pieces so scattered, to each other unknown,
Vitality never to be re-grown?

Armed with insight our resolve is aflame,
Determined friendships will not be the same.
Before, we knew not how deadly we could be
With careless words, ashamedly, too free.

--Le Goobairre Extrodinarre

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copyright 1997, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved