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Running Free

Trickling, tinkling and tiny,
Splashing, the silver shiny
Thumb-sized rivulet falling
Headlong, sure of its calling,
One day grown wondrously wide,
Rushing many to the tide
It could not see yet or hear,
Save in its own knowing ear.

From an acorn springs the oak,
The dewdrops, then showers soak;
From diapers, Alex the Great,
Conqueror, the known world's fate
In his hands...dreams so puny
Fathered Caesar and Cluny
As well...all mighty heroes,
Diapered toddlers, before foes.

"Trickle on, teensy twerps,
Insuring no one usurps
Your privilege to run free!
Dreaming what you want to be
Precedes the goal that awaits.
Difficulty indicates
Detours; persistence, success.
Oceans, downstream, the dreams bless."

--Le Goobairre Extrodinarre

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