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Saul, Saul

Saul, Saul, where is it you scurry,
Why is there no rest for a king?
What makes your weary eyes blurry,
Victory should make the heart sing?

Saul, Saul are cattle herds lowing
More than those essential for food?
What of the curse's bestowing
Evil, where He desired the good?

Saul, Saul, the Spirit's departed!
Do you know not what this portends?
What of the harvest, half-started,
The blessing, that Jacob's Lord sends?

Saul, Saul, the witches of Endor,
Loudly, I hear wailing your name,
Darkness and death, a king's splendor
Denied, Judah's kingdom, aflame!

Saul, Saul, the Philistines arrive,
Mutilation's first on their mind!
Where can you run if to survive,
Regrouping, to fight this vile kind?

Saul, Saul, valiant Jonathan dies,
The kingdom losing its young heir!
Puny in death, royalty lies
In the dirt and few seem to care.

Saul, Saul, made for royal greatness,
Yours a kingdom unmade with hands,
Played politics without success,
Lost sight of the prophet's commands.

Saul, Saul, a head taller than most,
Beautiful, fair, long golden hair,
Forgotten. It's David they toast
King, Champion none can compare!

Saul, Saul, did you heed well this word?
A Greater One, on that day comes
From David's loins, whose Name is heard,
Prince of Peace, the world's Light becomes!

--Le Goobairre Extrodinarre

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copyright 1998, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved