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The Twins

"I am a proud papa", I said
Hearing I had fathered twins.
Dizygotic, all their chart read,
I thought, trouble now, begins.

Some rare disease, or syndrome
To fling us on bent knees,
Yet, next day we took them home
As pretty as you please.

A word I knew not had scared me,
Two, unlike, boy and girl,
Both healthy, happy, care free
Not a problem in the world.

The first one mom named Reticence
Though we called her little Ret,
Because her labor so intense
Before she'd draw first breath.

Her afterthought was Patience,
He'd had to wait so long,
Little Pat had few gradations
To him, Ret could do no wrong.

She at her birth seemed timid
From thence Ret led the pack,
Pat a step or two his limit
He'd be coasting at the back.

Reticence and Patience,
Unlike, yet a matched pair,
If one, any day since,
You'll find the other there.

Rerun an old morality play
From the lives of mice and men,
Reticence upstage first to say,
Patience, close by to the end.

Take heed when naming children,
You'll often steer their way
From frying pan to cauldron,
To hear them, they had no say.

So name each one a virtue,
For a hero, brave and tall,
The future then can't hurt you
Will bless your rise and fall.

--Le Goobairre Extrodinarre

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copyright 1999, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved