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Visions From a Rooftop

David, oh David, sweet singer of song,
Come dance the rooftop, glissading along;
May moonlight liven the gold of your hair,
Observe me, my body bathe if you dare.

David, oh David, proud king of my heart,
In long lonely nights a flicker I'd start,
If your eyes rest here, lovingly disposed,
Absurd that I should desire to be clothed.

David, oh David, liege lord of my life,
Passionate manhood will make me a wife
One daring night; and as long as we live,
You'll cherish the fire, destiny will give.

David, oh David, brave shepherd of sheep,
On a far hilltop night vigil you keep,
The men of your armies lying at rest,
Sure that the morrow their king will be blest.

David, oh David, firstborn to your loins,
Absolom's dead, in the wood that adjoins
His place of defeat, hanging from a tree,
Hair caught in branches, as he thought to flee.

David, oh David, make Solomon heir,
None wiser there be, the sages compare
His judicial conduct with heroes past,
Directing a kingdom's glory shall last.

David, oh David I see more than you,
Your future kingdom, equally as true
As the needs willing me come when you send
A king's plea to be wife, lover and friend.

--Le Goobairre Extrodinarre

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copyright 1998, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved