Awa Wi' Ye, Robbie!

We know all about your praise for the gift
To see with the eyes of the other;
But some of us here refuse to uplift
The self we've hidden undercover!

The way we have chosen to observe our demeanor
Is considerably different from yours;
Of no consequence to us if fatter or leaner
When in tune with the "temps de jours".

But to know how the wind, today may be blowing,
To appear to be truly avant-garde,
Is the essence of coolness the Fates are bestowing
On her children, les enfants de retarde.

As if what you think of me, determines all I am
The part which you see, truly me;
And if your eye distorts me, I am, then, that sham?
Robbie, too much tha gi'er gie!!

--H. Arlequin 



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