Caveat Lector

A new residence was to be built
for His Holiness, unique mansion
fit for majesty's full enjoyment.
Bedrock foundation, past ancient silt,
spread wide to provide for expansion
as the King opts future deployment.

Its manicured lawn, speaks evidence
of preparation's elocution;
anticipation's cautious respect
foretells a nobleman's residence
with faithful stewards' execution
of duty as if ordered direct.

Splendid, the outside for all to see,
interior anticipated the same
by neighbors waiting its christening;
the invitations, r.s.v.p.
are readied to send to those who claim
for the good news they've been listening.

Years pass, He does not take residence
in the edifice, His new dwelling,
for by night squatters had gained entrance,
cluttered and defiled by their presence.
Its builders never restore, telling
Him to overlook it in this instance.

--H. Arlequin 




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