Celestial Arcanum

We drift in a cosmos of unceasing motion,
Alert for a reference that might show us the way,
Galactic lighthouses unknown on this ocean,
Unending, primeval its silence on display.

Affirmations rampant, concurrence we're moving,
It's measured, recorded, ingested and displayed;
Knowing its impetus, this battle we're losing,
Few questions, less answers, leave the searcher dismayed.

Remaining at rest, a property of matter,
It's inertial, ever, unless acted upon
By a force external, propelling the latter,
Redirecting the old to an unknown new dawn.

Energy brought to bear to cause change is called force,
Physicists, thus label exertion of their own;
O students of Nature, the Mover of this course
Be called "What" or named "Whom", for the power He's shown?

--H. Arlequin 



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