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Sound, smell, sight, touch, taste...
Five points of a star,
All vital, none waste,
Creation made par,
Senses, angels chased.

Sound...danger, delight,
To warn, or to soothe
Tensions, lest we fight
With toenail or tooth
Like beasts of the night.

Smell...food or estrus
Alive in the nose,
Hunger, incongruous,
The fittest disclose
Offspring made like us.

Sight...presence, beauty,
Proportionate joy,
Order and duty,
The passions deploy
Light filters through me.

Touch...tender or tense,
Close by at her hand,
Might Love recompense
Were She to demand
Its sated preference.

Taste...salty or sweet
Exclude or include
Digestion's repeat,
Yet, delicious food
Must, gluttony, cheat!

Sensory supplies
Enjoy or despise…
Despite how Time flies,
Innate passion tries
To open our eyes.

--H. Arlequin


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copyright 1998, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved