credo de carville

Why be upset when a fool won't reason?
It isn't as if he's guilty of treason
To an ideal, in common, two people share,
When his logic exudes wistful hot air!

The fool's seventh heaven, blissful demarche,
A flimsy house of cards, built on the marsh
Of his choosing, (pomposity elide?),
Termini, unknown, he's out for the ride.

The "wax eloquent", will make any day
Red-lettered, no matter what he may say,
With passion in his words, gross ideas
Lacking content, flagrant culpa meas.

Incredibly, he is never aware
A bemused disdain in those he could spare;
"Louder and longer is better by far",
Clarion credo of this self-proclaimed star.

--H. Arlequin 



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