Hiyo Silver....

I took a long look in the mirror today
As if the occasion were normal,
And there I observed geriatric decay
In a face, forbiddingly, formal.

On tiptoe to see a familiar old friend
One expected to peer at me too;
The ancient who waited had time to expend
Considering what next we might do.

He tried to hide the surprise in his eyes,
But I perceived it before he knew;
Worry lines and wrinkles, hard living's grand prize,
Etched deeply, the male ego would rue.

Handsome and charming, deep voice not alarming
Its resonance is untouched by age,
The smile so warming, nothing could be harming
A romantic in his mid-life stage.

However, something was wrong, as if in a song
Whose lyrics the beloved can't rhyme;
A mouth meant for chanson, is surprisingly long,
Undone by Tartuffe's infamous crime.

Wan and flabby, the visage shabbier
"Ridden hard, to be put away, wet!"
Flimsy facade, certain to make crabbier
"What you see", might be all that you get!

Cognitive delusion leads to confusion,
When suddenly one's faced with it all;
Modest illusions, lack lasting contusions
On a spirit once backed to the wall.

Spare me Bobby Burns! It's not I who yearns
To see myself as most others do;
Every lad learns, the stomach that upturns
Indiscriminate where bile to spew!

Remember, mirrors show not the interiors
Of any whose reflection appears;
Revealing the most, are the ones who stand close
To the Truth which everyone most fears.

--H. Arlequin 



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