Night Sounds

Sounds of the night, sometimes affright,
When awakened out of a hard sleep;
Deep in the soul, if repose its role,
Common ones may help the peace keep.

Trains on the track, their clickety-clack
Remind us, man's work speeds ahead;
Long big rig trucks, carrying big bucks,
Each day, one more dollar while abed.

Grandma's loud sleep, each snore will keep
The unwary wondering what gives;
Grampa will smile, knowing all the while,
His love all these years, yet lives.

That far away bark of a dog in the park
Somehow gladdens a heart if alone;
Noise of the cricket, could use a spigot,
We, too much a good thing bemoan.

A commonplace sound, may to each redound
With awareness what makes up life;
Giving no thought, 'til spirit's wrought,
Wakened to a tumult of strife.

--H. Arlequin 



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