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Night Sweats

As deep night falls, the silence calls
For its own demise; when nothing stirs,
Reality blurs before unfocused eyes.
Wild the pulse grows since reason knows
Useless all it tries; the will revolts,
In panic, bolts with squenched, unspoken cries.

Such feelings say in their hectic way,
"Time to get a grip". Apprehension shows
That nothing chose Pandora's box to zip,
Feeding itself the pantry's wealth,
Too late, a bud to nip. "No way, Jose",
This game you play, opt to abandon ship!

Tormented souls, if panic controls,
Sigmund to the fore, in-depth analysis
Probes paralysis at feelings closed door.
Repressed, hidden, trauma, unbidden,
Emerges always; night sweats and fear
Or diseases appear, ruining gifted days.

--H. Arlequin   



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