The Alumni

Perversions of power readily apparent
Spring from genetics intrinsically inherent
In the lineage of monarchs adept in its use,
Inadequately described if less than profuse.

The history of kings like a five year old Swiss,
So full of gaping holes as to make scribes remiss
In retelling those exploits induced by their sires'
Causes celebres, born in the loins of mammon's desires.

Benevolent monarch, (rare bird to be sighted,
Arthur of folklore, Lord of Camelot's knighted),
In historical annals, seldom graces a page
Of the storied actions where rulers are the rage.

Benign dictators, a contradiction in terms!
Nations, peoples or in capitalistic firms,
Beneficial largesse, their governments don't show,
What looks good in print is a practical no-no!

How can this be that raw power can corrupt so?
A university to which all rulers go,
A curriculum vitae with graduate goals,
To educe principle be dragged over the coals?

"It's a conspiracy, an Idi Amin reign!"
"'They're' getting ready another Sadaam Hussein!"
No, no, not so! This school is one we all attend,
Power uses what we allow it, in the end.

--H. Arlequin 



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