The Promise of Spring

The promise of spring, hope's ethereal thing
That speaks to the senses innate,
Sees in the stubble of harvested trouble
A glimmer that cares will abate...
Designed restoration, or resurrection...
Tender shoots, reaching for the sun
Knowing nothing of tomorrow's rejection,
Bask in the life, light has begun.

The promise of spring in gardeners shall sing
Lyrics Nature's choir rehearses;
Her vocal molds moods, melodic preludes,
Fire to the soul she emerses.
Preparation of fields, pruning back deadwood,
Planting in her bosom's black loam,
Protecting from weeds in the bed's neighborhood,
Welcomes renewal coming home.

The promise of spring lifts libidos to cling
To the notion passion is grand.
After college classes, the lads and their lasses
Mooney-eyed will walk hand in hand.
Two heads close together, whispered light giggles,
Feeling crazier than a loon,
Eyes analyze anatomical wiggles,
Signals of a wedding come June.

The promise of spring means the ball yards will ring
To huzzahs of opening day crowds;
It won't be the last time our national pastime
Lifts spirits to climb through our clouds.
With the sun pouring down, soft pretzels and beer
Hit the spot for tummy and thirst,
No matter the score, world class coneys are near
For the fan in baseball well versed.

The promise of spring, guarantees may not bring
Of memories which make one smile;
New life won't displace staring death in the face
As the frail conclude the last mile.
Preannounce that it's true, memories endure
The lonely unknown of the grave!
Embracing this new season of this be sure,
Spring seeks to send memoirs to save.

--H. Arlequin 



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