The Query

For the sun and the rain one should never complain
No matter their copious quantities,
Essentials for living require none to explain
We enjoy their obvious qualities.

Character, fired in pain, is a cause for disdain
In the weak, short-sighted high and mighty;
Avoidance at all costs, their recurring refrain,
For exclusion, they're on their knees, nightly.

Life's rich blessings we seek, like those promised the meek,
Whose inheritance is fine to consider;
But ideas of its cost, are far too unique,
Ones the hedonists toss in the litter.

It's true for you and me, that the best things are free,
Fresh ripened fruit awaiting the basket;
Who planted? and why planned extensively for me?...
A good question for hearts that dare ask it.

--H. Arlequin 



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