Unmasking a Clown

Do they endure feelings, these creatures I see,
Emotional ceilings, or totally free?
Jealousy, envy...they must want to be me,
Cognitive fancy looking high up the tree?

Wood-brown doodle-bug working hard at his ball,
Yellowish leaf slug, unconcerned with it all,
Wiggle worm, very smug, too low down to fall...
What gave them the thought, moldy death to forestall?

If perversion's stag, hungry felines oppose
Like a female in drag, unsure the world knows,
Pierced ears wag, a frightened rabbit on its toes,
He, in his lifestyle, zero offspring pre-chose.

How dare I peer down, a penthouse perfection
My domain, to frown an outraged rejection
At a wrong side of town? Sad introspection...
An amoral clown's antipodal projection!

--H. Arlequin 



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