Dancing in the Dark

A beautiful new car with bright chromium wheels,
cushy ride, white sidewall radials, belted steels,
bucket seats, stereo, and spoilers on the back,
with the smell of new leather, it's sharp as a tack.

Would outrage in the owner be apt to transpire,
if, in his drive home, he were to blow out a tire,
guaranteed, its life a hundred thousand safe miles,
its promise aborted, purpose spent, zero smiles?

"How dare he be angry, it's only a new car?
Lemons, a fact of life, fresh ownership can't bar!
Remember the auto, does it not have some rights,
who does he think he is, to provoke these mad fights?"

"Ownership with no rights", the notion is insane,
a given to affirm, if only half a brain!
Creation is vested by its maker perchance,
with time to get close to Him who brung us, to dance!

--jawjajack goobersack



copyright 1998, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved