Home, Sweet Home

How much longer in this house must you leave me
to linger, Oh Lord, to suffer and fret?
All its aches and pains, unendingly, grieve me,
are You certain You're not done with me yet?

The frame is broken, bent over and bruised,
looking nothing like it once did, at all.
Too many of life's storms have left it abused,
uninhabitable, Father, it's time for my call.

"I hear you and see you, you're ever in sight.
In the good or hard times even saints will regret,
I know your conviction to express things right,
no matter, if, sometimes, the others get upset."

"I thank you, my Father, for these thoughts expressed,
yet my soul must repeat, aren't You done with me yet?
This old house, I would leave for the place, so blessed,
toward which my eyes eighty years have been set."

"I hear you see that you are finally right,
homecoming is waiting, your table's, all set,
today is your first day in the Land of the Light.
Hear My words, "Well done, welcome home, Ms. Et."

"There's mama and papa, family that I knew
all smiling and joyful, beautiful in attire,
welcoming, greeting, delighted I made it through
all the pain, the pitfalls, distractions of desire."

"And just look at me, standing up, tall and straight
not a gray hair in sight, as bright as a bird's feather
as I was on earth, hand in hand with my mate,
not a pain, nor a sorrow, joy lasts forever.

This is home, I know its serenity, security.
Family gathered in, to rejoice at day's end,
hurry here, you I've left, heaven's your annuity,
supper waits on the hearth we'll invite our best Friend.

--jawjajack goobersack



copyright 1998, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved