The Mourning Ghosts

"The Nantootla and Turniptown",
a railroad once renown,
conjoined two mountain county seats,
devoid of any streets,
in that regard, the same today.

Deep into those Georgia mountains,
'twarnt people but coal trains
that decided where next a town,
since streets ain't much around
an eighty car freight, anyway!

When it came time for more water
or woodpile to larder,
they set two switches and the track
it took to double, back,
and a new town had come to stay.

Anthracite energized nations
till oil innovations
caused puffers to pull their last load;
King Coal fueled the railroad
till some fossil had the last say.

With the steam locomotive kaput,
coal becoming the glut,
black-sooted, hard-coal miners cried,
towns, mines and train lines died
for progress held the poor at bay.

In Nantootla and Turniptown,
black dust in a ghost town
foreign boots may kick up today.
Rusty tracks, slow decay,

like good old days, rot where they lay.

--jawjajack goobersack



copyright 1998, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved