Ode to the Whiney

Why does misfortune unload on the good guys?
How is it your dark clouds can screw up my skies?
When might the light shine down this tunnel of mine?
Who can I talk to when you don't let me whine?
What will my friends do if I get very close?
Where're the bad news pills to make blues comatose?

Where does the buck stop for thumbs up or thumbs down?
What does it mean that I'm invited out of town?
Who do they think they are, their noses in the air?
When will things turn around, stop being unfair?
How does this world revolve the same every day?
Why do the dancing have a fiddler to pay?

If I were born a slave should I stay one, or die?
If things were simpler would more folk dare to try?
If the sun shines brighter will my nights turn to day?
If people cared for me, would I respond this way?
If true love turns her back, do you say, "Thank you, ma'am'?
If turnip greens were truffles, could Popeye give a damn?

--jawjajack goobersack



copyright 1998, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved