Alycia of Light

Alycia, prognostic of light and laughter,
Evocative shyness brought smiles sought after
From girlfriends and sweethearts privileged to know
This loving Raye's sunshine leaving friends aglow.

Too youthful to sorrow, too lovely to go,
Too much to live for, too little left to show
From hidden pain she bore, ever-present grief,
For which no medicine brought constant relief.

Yesterday, unaware tomorrow she'd go,
Thinking of the future as if one could know,
Feelings uncertain, if to be, or who with,
What you see, surely get, as in fabled myth.

Capricious circumstance, untimely, unreal
Absence...such suddenness seems to make one feel
Dispossessed, and distraught, helpless being left
Void, where time can't heal an aching heart, bereft.

--Fr. Veni di Morte



copyright 1999, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved