Good Will Hunting

Unthinkingly, we wear wrong feelings on the sleeve
It isn't intentional, yet the fact is we do,
At the slightest provocation, rush off to grieve
As if slashed to the core, sure demise to ensue.

In retrospective wonder, how do we survive
To endure a repetitious fate, the future
A rerun, since changing old habits must derive
From will power, the concept causing us torture?

The one walking in the rain is sure to get wet,
To expect to be dry posits a curious
Equation's ratio: as dry is to wet, let
Pain be to its repetition... how spurious!!

If compulsive pursuits of knowledge be awesome,
Then, theses in feelings ensure enlightenment!
A corollary question, "Is it not tiresome
To hear that data will guarantee contentment?"

Were it true, books plus man would equal Promised Land,
And toward perfection, arm in arm we'd parade!
The sad truth is, what we don't do we understand
Well, how to, but prefer indulging our charade.

So what we know to do, we don't, acting the fool,
Wondering why it is we are used and abused,
Sentenced without a trial to Fate's prison school...
Intentionally, self-damaged, yet acting confused.

--Fr. Veni di Morte



copyright 1998, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved