One Mother's Day

They led her away in November that year,
To the court where they wanted to judge her.
Blind justice, before whom she was to appear,
In sanity's direction would nudge her.

To appear, to face the jury of her peers,
To stand, to act as if possible to fall,
To stifle, to bottle her rampaging fears,
A steel will showed no emotions at all.

Who were they to judge these feelings deep inside,
Understanding the suffering withstood,
To perceive right from wrong, how hard she had tried
All these years to take hard times with the good?

Poverty, self-induced, is sure to produce
Of itself clones, a thousand times over.
In her, her mother (wizened grape without juice,
Old before prime, not a day in clover).

Choices had been there, to alter her life's course,
To escape the genes bondage. Some time
Ahead put off to, "The unknown, could be worse!",
So birthed the dawdle, man's unpunished crime.

She'd known his wild ways would destroy, in the end,
Hopes invested in this son like his dad.
Someday time would stop, no present left to spend,
He'd be gone, missing, Fate defining sad.

Wanting more for this son than that given her,
Couldn't make herself, in his case, draw the line,
Till the day justice would no longer defer
Six months time, and a thousand dollar fine.

Mischief turned madness in this child of her womb,
No lessons for good did he learn inside;
When out robbed a bank, sent a clerk to her doom,
Ran to Tuscon, an event four states wide.

The day he bludgeoned his daughter with his fist,
Beating, pummeling, blind rage in his eye,
She saw him clearly, a lifting of the mist...
The brute birthed, she shot, before babies die.

Perhaps, deciding to break out of this mold,
To find out how to make life something good,
In a kinder future, theirs to have and hold,
One would teach love better than grandma could.

So bring on your justice, treat her as you will,
The body you hold, a bird in a cage,
Her spirit's beyond reach to hurt, maim or kill,
Disordered, demurs the days to engage.

--Fr. Veni di Morte



copyright 1998, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved