The Curtain Call

No place to go and no time to do it,
The end was coming and soon. He knew it,
Surely, unfriendly, yet wouldn't with surprise,
Indulge this event most others despise.
He thought a review, probable, expecting
Whatever would come, without knowing, accepting
A terse rehearsal of his past, the events
Of a lifetime, a parade with accents
Outside his choosing, amusing, (abusing
His clear recall, not at all), confusing
In so far as they would come up at all,
Included, sadly, in this curtain call.

Most of us understand responsibility,
Acceptance of our personal tranquility
Vis-a-vis activity we choose to do...
Then Purpose announces His point of view.
Not here! Not now, at the end of this thing,
To speak words, that He, at the start, should bring?
He did then! Now again, in many ways, and often!
Too busy, too sated, hardened hearts don't soften;
Cruising and boozing, never pleasures recusing,
Serious thoughts of contemplation refusing,
In so far as they could come up at all,
Excluded, sadly, 'til this curtain call.

No place to go, but this time let's do it,
The end will soon come! Even then, we knew it
Unfriendly, therefore, we shouldn't, with surprise,
Meet this opponent we've learned to despise.
Any time, if aware how desperate our need,
We're welcomed to submit, to Destiny accede,
And as if reborn, our slate is wiped clean!
External to us all, inside and unseen,
Our nature, history, standing and guilt
He transforms us into what He wanted built!
In so far as the past would come up, all
Excluded, gladly, from this curtain call!

--Fr. Veni di Morte



copyright 1997, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved