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You're not as you were in the days of yore
Tossing them aside while they stood at the door
Pleading for entry to the one they had chosen,
Finding all roads to your heart you'd frozen!

Regal and haughty, to the brim full of pride,
You gave one and all a rambunctious ride,
Ditched them as useless, out of sight, out of mind,
Another man vanquished, "They're all of one kind".

How empty those victories piled one on the other,
How lonely the nights with no touching another
Whose sweet loving words, an echo far distant,
Remembered with sadness, mercilessly persistent.

The laurels achieved, the battles to get them
Were fought, (you despised the men who'd set them,
These standards to favor the sex, inferior),
And won, the purpose in sight, to be superior!

You're not as you were in the days of yore,
Yet the product of everything gone on before,
That has made you successful, witty and proud,
A joy to be with and the life of the crowd!

Time has been kind to you, more so than most,
By contrast your beauty, (I drink you this toast),
Lasts like a Dutch master painted in full bloom
Today, what's too precious in vintage to consume.

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