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The words, which I whispered in your ear last night,
Should be etched in your heart and remembered at will!
They should ring through your mind and not appear trite
In contemplation of a union our dreams to fulfill!

All words can be beautiful in a lover's deft hand
To inspire, to edify rejoicing heart and soul;
They should soar to the heavens and never seem bland,
Their fueling beloved's fires, the quintessential role.

Words, which come impromptu, ringing true o'er the noise
Of today's competing sounds, are the ones in our hearts
We clasp with thankful praise! Tweaking memory's joys
Of times and places rare, re-living, love imparts!

Purposed words drawn with care have a home in love's songs,
They leave no base untouched when telling its extent;
If the smitten will pray, that to her he belongs,
Passionate responses confirm she's heaven sent!

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