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From inception an eternal thing,
A passion past the remembering
Of people, places or personal
Preferences, it was a time tunnel
At the end of which she was the light
Dispelling gravid doubt's dreadful night,
Announcing the freshness of sunrise
Brightening red-streaked anxious skies,
Filling the panoramic display
With herself...a smiling glance, the way
She girlishly tossed her auburn hair,
Closeness of scent and sounds to prepare
The imagination's smorgasbord
Of sensual expectation toward
Which my famine sought sated surcease.

Filled were nights and days...till to my knees
The fisted mail of fate's upraised hand
Would crush the will to live, dared demand
Of love the impossible to pay,
Claimed that light which transformed night to day,
And devised a worthless empty shuck.
Celestial indifference run amok...
Time without meaning, no beginning
To send, nights, without longed for morning,
Running end to end, disordered thought,
Responsibility without ought,
Homogenized torpid languidness
Morbid catatonic listlessness,
Past anguish, caring...nothingness, where
Once love and life outdistanced despair.

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