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How does one define the beloved of his heart?
Who has the dictionary, the page where to start?
Why, within the well educated of this world,
Does language fail roundly, love's colors to unfurl?

Could I be silver-tongued, past orations aside,
I'd speak of the heart where wild passions reside,
Love ruling a kingdom that none dare describe
Except in the sighs her majesty will prescribe.

How lovely her face, how delightful her smile,
How glorious this feeling she gives all the while
She's not physically present, a memory,
Alive, I revive in miraculous reverie!

Spoken phrases echo sounds, turned drab and dull,
Of this that thrills my soul, fills it to the full;
Their praises incomplete, miniscule by compare
To the nexus of sexes and the love we share!

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