heroes de canaille

Slick willie caught naked on the White House lawn,
Flagrante delicto, he'd call a mistake,
Thinking in a private bacchanal to partake,
It's only his business, if cavorting to dawn.

After all, his cohorts the next morn would avow
All presidents have done it, why all the outrage?
It's the press who had buried it on the back page,
In an age, dignity, little more would allow.

Cisneros too, under oath, a mistress denied,
Discovered, a chagrined willie let him go.
Precedent? Not at all, never reap what you sow,
He's above the law under which most would be tried.

Defining common words with novelty's nuance,
Affidavits, perjury, all part of his brew,
Attorneys and parsing, compounding the review,
Malfeasance in office a common man's parlance!




copyright 1998, The Goober Tree Press, all rights reserved